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The data suggest regions on the brown dwarf where the weather is cloudy and rich in silicate vapor deep in the atmosphere coincide with balmier, drier conditions at higher altitudes -- and vice versa.
Determined to start anew, she leaves Britain for the balmier climes of Jaipur and a retirement home called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
The Bond star (pictured) plays recently widowed Evelyn, who abandons Britain for a the balmier climes of Jaipur and a retirement home called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
The recent warm weather has been caused by high pressure coupled with warm winds from the south bringing the UK a taste of the weather more often experienced in balmier countries.
The species is normally found in the balmier waters of the Mediterranean and South Africa but may now be being lured north due to climate change.
Winter will end and better - or at least balmier - days will soon bless us all.
While Southern California pets might not have to contend with snowdrifts or ice-covered sidewalks, the cold weather can be uncomfortable for animals accustomed to balmier weather, especially older pets.
Increasing numbers are wooed away by foreign lifestyles as much as by balmier weather.
In Britain 2,000 years ago, vines were initially quite rare, although the Romans did introduce vineyards to some of the balmier areas of the country, so landlords made do with small evergreen bushes as indicators of what went on inside.
Some apparently thought it only meant that the weather would just get a bit balmier, or that everyone's lawns would just be a little greener.
To mimic balmier global conditions, the researchers increased the rates of evaporation and rainfail in the model and allowed these processes to fluctuate.
If you're heading for the ski slopes or balmier climes, you might leave earlier than planned.