balm of Gilead

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medium-sized fir of northeastern North America

a fragrant oleoresin

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small evergreen tree of Africa and Asia

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Gilead is a land east of the Jordan traditionally viewed as the source of a healing salve: the balm of Gilead.
Some of the land is hayfields or old pastures, and some is aspen and balm of Gilead with a scattering of oaks.
The all-natural product is non-oily and hypo-allergenic, and contains aloe vera gel, healing balm of Gilead, glycerin and chlorophyll.
Hugely generous (Hawken presents hopeful changes occurring even within Wal-Mart), at times lyrical, spiritual, and globally inclusive, this is a balm of Gilead to weary and cynical souls.
The name Gilead was chosen by people in Uganda and is taken from an Old Testament reference to the healing balm of Gilead, a region near Jordan.