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Grizzled reality telly veterans ballsing up oldfashioned variety acts in a life-sapping competition that will never darken our screens again.
What did was your uncanny knack of ballsing up every single PR stunt you cackhandedly adopted.
It would be very easy for me to just sit here and stroke myself - yes, my life is glamorous, yes I'm making a good living out of punting online - but some of you are ballsing it up royally, so I've been asked to share a few pointers.
The singer-turned-actress was so wired after ballsing up a duet with rapper Sean Paul at the MTV Europe awards that she snapped at him backstage and forced him to let her re-do the number.
If I look at the bigger picture I'll end up ballsing it up and there won't be a future for me.
After ballsing up both of the incredibly tedious but childishly simple tasks this Scottish no-brain has proved that he is literally the lowest of the low.