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THIS time last year The Apprentice "starred" a bungling Brummie called Ruth Badger whose bull-in-a-china-shop balls-ups were causing most of the laughs as Sir Alan Sugar continued his hilarious search for a loser.
Star performance Christian Williams, who rode a double Quote of the day ``Christian has made some balls-ups and I've made a mess of some things but we have a good talk about it to make sure it doesn't happen again'' - trainer Evan Williams after Cannon Fire's win
But the battlelines were drawn and our feuding backstabbers were off on a classic day of non-stop business balls-ups.
Yes, the World Cup hasn't kicked a ball yet, but who cares - I've wintnessed enough balls-ups this week to last me a lifetime.
Listening to this tale of woe immediately cheered up Prescott's audience - the BBC's Graham Rock and myself - and we resolved to go over for Triple Dash's Guineas bid in the hope of seeing another event that could join the list of the biggest balls-ups since Mons.
Allocating a mere 8100 of the 80,000 briefs to Scotland is idiocy rarely surpassed in the annals of classic UEFA balls-ups.