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large room used mainly for dancing

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They passed into the great ballroom, the finest in London, brilliant with its magnificent decorations of real flowers, its crowd of uniformed men and beautiful women, its soft yet ever-present throbbing of wonderful music.
They crossed the ballroom together and mounted the great stairs.
You can't expect him to be at his best in a ballroom.
When they came to the windows of the ballroom, the swing of the dancers and the lilt of the music was irresistible.
It was long, for it was full of extremely elaborate incidents, which led on to a discussion of the principles on which morality is founded, and thus to several very interesting matters, which even in this ballroom had to be discussed in a whisper, lest one of the pouter pigeon ladies or resplendent merchants should overhear them, and proceed to demand that they should leave the place.
In the ballroom, meanwhile, the dancers were being formed into squares for the lancers.
Aside from the Grand Ballroom, there are 28 function rooms, two ballrooms (Diplomatic and Ceremonial Halls) and six VIP sky
Blackpool's legendary ballrooms and shimmering dance floors have long set the dancing pace, from novice tea dances to the glitzy professionals of Strictly Come Dancing.
Finally, as a ballroom dancer, I was required to have leather-soled shoes for many ballrooms and studios.
Event planners and event coordinators have ballrooms both large and small for use to host Easter events.
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, although they did not dance in ballrooms as their career together was on film.
From the 1950s to 1970s such ballrooms of romance played host to showbands, which were the pop stars of the time.
Ballrooms A, B, C (Level Three) Dimensions Total Theater Classroom Banquet Sq.
Additional floors could be added above this air rights addition for conference rooms, ballrooms, restaurants, offices, and other ancillary uses, all with spectacular river views.
The music of Johann Strauss and the famous ballrooms of Vienna popularized the faster version known as the Viennese waltz.