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Of course, that should mean we're off to watch Jane MacDonald and Lionel Blair in Strictly Ballroom Dancing at the King's Theatre in Glasgow but I might not get off so lightly.
We have gone through the debate about whether ballroom dancing should be considered an `art' or a `sport.
Ballroom dancing is a fun diversion and promotes a sense of well-being and fitness in a safe environment.
People often sign up for lessons because they want to do something active," says Pam Rutherford, who with her husband, Dan, runs a popular Indianapolis ballroom dancing studio.
Oh, just say it, Joe: ballroom dancing is sexy--as well as fun, energetic, and social.
USA DANCE is a 501c3 non-profit organization responsible for the promotion of recreational ballroom dancing and competitive DanceSport in the United States.
Bobby Patterson has many special memories of ballroom dancing as he started dancing when he was nine.
Nowak agrees that ballroom dancing is better as a recreational activity.
Asked about the benefits of ballroom dancing at the North of England Education Conference (NEEC) in Blackpool, Miss Widdecombe said: "Discipline and fitness.
Pierre Dulaine was the inspiration for the 2006 film Take the Lead, in which Banderas helped inner-city teenagers in New York gain a sense of self-respect through ballroom dancing.
A WOMAN who taught ballroom dancing for years has celebrated her 100th birthday.
Aficionados of real ballroom dancing must have been horrified to see one couple trying to perform a sensuous dance like the tango to the accompaniment of a song by The Kinks, You Really Got Me.
Byline: Baz Luhrmann was among the first people to bring ballroom dancing to the screen.
The show brings the dazzling world of ballroom dancing to the theatre with fabulous costumes, virtuoso performances and breathtaking grace.
Dance studios - and ballroom dancing in general - are experiencing a resurgence in interest that has not been seen in the United States since the first half of the past century.