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large room used mainly for dancing

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She knew she looked well, she loved to dance, she felt that her foot was on her native heath in a ballroom, and enjoyed the delightful sense of power which comes when young girls first discover the new and lovely kingdom they are born to rule by virtue of beauty, youth, and womanhood.
She made as though she were going back into the ballroom, but Hewet stopped her.
You can't expect him to be at his best in a ballroom.
When they came to the windows of the ballroom, the swing of the dancers and the lilt of the music was irresistible.
The perfume of countless roses, the music of the finest band in Europe, floated through the famous white ballroom of Devenham House.
Penelope stood upon the edge of the ballroom, her hand resting still upon her partner's arm.
They passed into the great ballroom, the finest in London, brilliant with its magnificent decorations of real flowers, its crowd of uniformed men and beautiful women, its soft yet ever-present throbbing of wonderful music.
Show me the ballroom," he ordered, "and the winter garden.
He spoke of the exquisite work of French and Italian artists; with a gesture almost of reverence he pointed out the carving in the wonderful white ballroom.
In this room personal difficulties that arose on the ballroom floor were settled, man to man, with the weapons of nature, under the supervision of the board.
That mist which covers everything in that blissful time when childhood is just ending, and out of that vast circle, happy and gay, there is a path growing narrower and narrower, and it is delightful and alarming to enter the ballroom, bright and splendid as it is.
The music stopped at the end of the waltz, leaving Billy and Saxon at the big entrance doorway of the ballroom.
Tupman, ascended the staircase leading to the ballroom.
Tracy Tupman and the stranger entered the ballroom.
if I had only been cast loose on the ballrooms of London, to qualify under Hymen, for a golden degree