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a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paper

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THIS incredible artwork was created using 3p Tesco ballpoint pens - and it won artist Gary Lawrence a pounds 6000 prize.
Some exam scripts are scanned by a computer programmed to detect the correct answers, and Williams said exam boards had told him only black ballpoint ink showed up properly.
He lived to see ballpoints in use wherever he looked.
The ballpoint pen is 70 years old this summer and Laszlo was its creator - a man with a vision and a stained shirt front.
What could be more beautiful than the ballpoint pen," said Eduardo Fernandez, president of the Argentinian Inventors Association, who are planning a celebration in Laszlo's honour on his birthday.
It's impossible now to imagine a world in which the ballpoint pen doesn't exist.
Nonrefillable ballpoints are designed to be thrown away.
Bich focused on the basics, studying every ballpoint on the market.
Modern ballpoint pens are mostly made of plastic, derived from petroleum, and a small amount of metal.
If you stock a range of cards, wrapping paper and gift tags, consider complementary lines such as Pilot's gold and silver markers, or Pilot's G-1 gold, silver and metallic gel ink ballpoint pens.