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a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paper

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Sources: Kane's Famous First Facts, 8154 Ballpoint pen story: http://www.
A large point, reliable ballpoint pen with more colours
With the creation of its first product in France 60 years ago, the Bic Cristal ballpoint pen, Bic has always chosen to go straight to the core of what is essential: creating something simple and reliable, which gives ease to everyday tasks, that can be used by everyone.
Ballpoint is such a find, and includes an unusual focus on a father-son relationship and a ballpoint pen.
1946: The first ballpoint pen went on sale, invented by Hungarian Laszlo Biro.
It was in the early 1950s when I first saw what I considered a most magical instrument, namely a ballpoint pen.
He explains basic tools, drilling, materials, and making a basic ballpoint pen, then step-by-step instructions for easy to advanced projects from a medium-sized rollerball pen to a desk pen, segmented pens, projects using spirals and facets, and using a metal lathe, as well as common problems and their solutions and examples of works by other pen makers.
DOODLING ON PAPER, usually with a ballpoint pen (often blue), is one of those near-universal experiences.
You will need: Egg carton Green paint Ballpoint pen Drinking straw Stickers (or felt-tip pens to decorate) Method: Carefully cut the lid off a cardboard egg carton.
The prestigious brand is once again leading the way in terms of style and looks with the 'StarWalker Black Mystery' line, comprising fountain pen, ballpoint pen and fineliner.
June 10, 1943: THe ballpoint pen is patented by Lazlo Biro.
The ballpoint pen is 70 years old this summer and Laszlo was its creator - a man with a vision and a stained shirt front.
The loving son died doing his homework when he choked on a top from a ballpoint pen.
Today 14,000,000 Bic Crystals are sold every day but fountain pens - unlike the flexible ballpoint pen, which meant the writer could relax - hark back to a not-so- distant time when we connected so much more with what we did.
Argentina was the cradle of the ballpoint pen, America its nursery, and France its intensive care unit.