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a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paper

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Sources: Kane's Famous First Facts, 8154 Ballpoint pen story: http://www.
The simple design and shape of the pen means it is extremely versatile and each pack comes with four colours with each pen able to write up to twice as long as usual ballpoint pens.
Now, Milton is a blustering salesperson and promoter of the ballpoint pen and uses a fair amount of b-s in the course of his efforts, determined to win at any cost.
Each of these “encounters” will teach Doodle a little bit about Ballpoint Universe and how to navigate its' wonderfully psychedelic world.
All the silvery plastic ballpoints in the universe will be gone
Remember the ballpoint pen in the beginning paragraph and how expensive and worthless it was and also how good it became?
DRAWN OUT Gary spent a year working on his picture using old posters and a pack of ballpoints
Untitled, 2011, on each of which Molodkin had drawn--separately, with red and blue ballpoint pens, respectively--the short but laden word SIN.
Some exam scripts are scanned by a computer programmed to detect the correct answers, and Williams said exam boards had told him only black ballpoint ink showed up properly.
Five exercise books (standard size 6x8inch) Five ballpoint pens Five pencils Two rulers (six inch) One sharpener One eraser Please also attach a pounds 1 coin to the pack which will help towards shipping costs.
This year's Limited Writers Edition Thomas Mann consists of four preciously handcrafted writing instruments -- a fountain pen, a ballpoint pen, a rollerball and a mechanical pencil.
but not downstairs On average, 100 people worldwide choke to death on ballpoint pens every year The heart of an astronaut actually gets smaller when in outer space A completely blind chameleon will still take on the colours of its environment
1943 Ballpoint pens, devised by Hungarian Laszlo Biro, were patented in the United States.
June 10, 1943: THe ballpoint pen is patented by Lazlo Biro.
The ballpoint pen is 70 years old this summer and Laszlo was its creator - a man with a vision and a stained shirt front.