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a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paper

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A Product Gallery of 155 products categorized by product type -- ballpoint pens, gel pens, fountain pens, wooden and mechanical pencils, and highlighters and markers
Ballpoint pen, ecological type, fine writing, in blue ink, on recycled material body long life packaging
Nokia Digital Pen: Used with HP printed "smart" paper forms, the Nokia Digital Pen handles like a normal ballpoint pen.
Posing as the musings of prior visitors, these graffiti--scrawled on the wall with black ballpoint or felt-tip pens--humorously commented on the paintings and the exhibition space, drawing our attention to things like unspackled holes from previous shows, thereby distracting us from the "art" and critiquing the conventions of the white cube.
Of course, pen makers aren't going to rest on their laurels and keep producing the same old ballpoint.
To ballpoint and graphite McCarty added colored marker: The hair is a different tint in each picture, crimped and pink at her most recent parole hearing, straw blonde years before as she listens, head bowed, to the news that her parents had been found dead.
But, he says crisply, ``it seems to be a natural transition from the quill pen to the ballpoint pen to computers.
PNY's new Executive Attache and Executive Attache Signature Series consists of stylish ballpoint pens with attached USB 2.
scribbled over a recall flier with a ballpoint pen, according to the report.
We are delighted that The Modern Researcher, which first appeared when the ballpoint pen was barely established, remains as lively and important as it ever was," said Henry F.
Confident with his tools, Cunningham builds full-blown three-dimensional forms as fully with colored-pencil cross-hatching as with a single continuous line in ballpoint pen.
Created false documentation for the purchase of custom ballpoint pens, which were apparently given away as gifts.
An optical sensor located beneath the pen's ballpoint tip captures the handwritten notes, storing up to 40 pages of handwriting.
Moore made a calligraphic constellation of animal forms out of melted ballpoint pens stuck together, and a crystalline structure out of toothpicks; Prada showed elegant minimalist reliefs made of nails, straws, and cigarette butts.