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He recounts Southworth's life and career as a ballplayer and manager, including playing for the Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Braves, New York Giants, and St.
Rodriguez, who divorced his wife Cynthia in 2008 and who then began a relationship with singer Madonna, began going out with Diaz a year ago, when he decided to celebrate his feat of becoming the youngest ballplayer in history to hit 600 homers by taking a helicopter ride over New York accompanied by her and her friend Gwyneth Paltrow.
Maybe it's like this for the ballplayer son of a ballplayer: He's a kid going into the family business (say it with a "Sopranos" accent, and this line of thinking sounds even better).
Rickey, do you want a ballplayer who's afraid to fight back?
Having a professional ballplayer as grand marshal of a pride parade is a way of showing the world--and reassuring ourselves--that there's no contradiction between being gay and being a man.
Babe Ruth became the sport's chief pantheon dweller without ever competing against a dark-skinned ballplayer.
And the folks on the Web site's discussion board cried foul about Bean's role on the show: an out ballplayer who suggests another gay player stay in the closet.
Rodriguez, the sport's most valuable ballplayer, is right in the middle of the lineup that U.
Though we'll be happy to cheer, cheer, for dear old Ichiro Suzuki for breaking George Sisler's season record for basehits, we are not about to put him in Sisler's class as a ballplayer.
I now think it may take another 25 years before an all-pro American ballplayer announces he's gay while in the sport," says Kopay, 58, whose revelation came two years after he retired from nearly a decade of playing for the Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, and other teams.
The ballplayer on the cover is Marvin Williams, the UNC player who jumped to the pros after his freshman year.
Judging by all the love and respect that a ballplayer named Barry Bonds has never inspired as a player in Pittsburgh and San Francisco, we have always believed that he has had the worst P.
Here I was a jock; I was supposed to be tough, a ballplayer.
Selleck stars as Jack Elliot, a rebellious, fun-loving major league ballplayer who struggles to revive his career by playing for a Japanese baseball team.
Kids will join Spike on field trips, and watch as he becomes a pro ballplayer, baker, farmer, principal, mayor, and more, all with the help of his crew.