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a choice that is made by counting the number of people in favor of each alternative

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The ReliaVote Mail Balloting System gives election officials and voters assurance that the entire mail-in balloting process is monitored and managed in an end-to-end process.
A wild card in the balloting is that two teams, Visalia and Bakersfield, involved in the balloting haven't played the JetHawks.
The ovals of the selected candidates are completely filled in as the voter finishes his selections using touch-screen and/or audio balloting.
Balloting for the All-Star Game, which will be held Feb.
The board of directors met on March 3, 2003 and approved the amendments to the TAPPI Bylaws allowing electronic balloting in annual Association elections, which will be in effect for the 2003-04 board election.
Deficiencies in balloting systems and questions of the integrity of the election results forced the public to wonder just how capable and democratic U.
The NBA is partnering with the Twentieth Century Fox production Fat Albert to promote the 2005 NBA All-Star Balloting program in 150 Loews Cineplex Entertainment movie theaters and with a new television commercial.
Notice is hereby given that the board of directors, at its March 3, 2003 meeting or as soon thereafter as the board elects to act, will deliberate on the following amendments to the TAPPI Bylaws to allow electronic balloting in annual Association elections, to be effective for the 2003-04 board election.
Council members initially had prepared to draft an ordinance changing the balloting system, but they opted instead to let the people decide.
A company committed to equal voting opportunity for the handicapped and "problem-free elections" used SolidWorks(R) 3D mechanical design software and COSMOS(R) design analysis software to speed its breakthrough assisted balloting system to market.
Our position is that if a large increase comes along that threatens the financial stability of the district, we will go back to the property owners for another balloting,'' Walker said.
Ballot Now offers election officials a way to reduce the cost, complexity, and margin of error associated with balloting systems that use optical scanners to process and tabulate votes.
The flexibility in balloting frustrates critics, especially in light of the controversy in Florida last year when the presidential election came down to a few thousand disputed ballots.
Yakima County has selected Hart InterCivic's eSlate(tm) Electronic Voting System for absentee and Election Day balloting and vote tabulation.
Regrettably, reformers have debased the system with the advent of mass absentee balloting, election by mail and the newest wrinkle, computer voting.