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a box where voters deposit their ballots

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The IFE continued to resist a full recount, claiming that only evidence of ballot box tampering could justify such action.
And election fraud that does exist is more often committed by candidates and office holders through such traditional tactics as ballot box stuffing, vote buying and voter intimidation.
The civil society platform gives people the opportunity to view the ballot box reports on its website that were prepared by the volunteer observers of Oy ve Eutesi.
We decided that for a ballot box to be set up abroad, at least 150 people have to be registered," said the minister, adding that the number of people showing up to register is disappointing.
The ballot box could very well be considered the image of democracy.
EVERY vote counts so heavy seas failed to stop Garda John Nolan getting a ballot box to Gola Island off Donegal yesterday ahead of Thursday's presidential vote.
Police arrested and bailed an 82-year-old woman and a man aged 52 in connection with the ballot box allegations.
To MPs the ballot box must be used only as a last desperate resort and then only when they have contrived to make the likely outcome as ineffective or as favourable to them as possible.
Reports of ballot box stuffing were received in "Ma'mal Al-Zogag" and "Naswh Al-Bahary" polling centers in Kafr El-Dawar, which led opponents' supporters to attack the polling centers.
I AGREE with Mick Dorset (BNP has rights, July 8) that the way to beat the BNP is via the ballot box.
From 10am there will be a giant ballot box, symbolising the wishes of voters in the region to say their piece on EU reform.
After checking her ballot for accuracy, she would deposit it in a ballot box, just like an old-fashioned paper ballot marked by hand.
For better or worse, government by ballot box has become the norm in California.
The question is what are we asking ourselves as we walk into the ballot box.
Redress of grievances about CAFTA will not come from the Supreme Court or any other federal bench; it must come from the ballot box, as informed, outraged voters hold their senators and representatives accountable for betraying their constituents and their oaths of office.