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an operation to repair a damaged blood vessel or unblock a coronary artery

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They have developed a unique angioplasty balloon catheter that has dual functionality in a single device: balloon angioplasty with embolic protection.
Stent implantation is another alternative procedure to balloon angioplasty or thrombolysis in selected patients who have contraindications to thrombolytic therapy, such as recent surgery or neurological injury (7).
The study offers hospitals several considerations to improve their timeliness of treatment when balloon angioplasty is required.
Each year, roughly 260,000 people in the United States undergo balloon angioplasty.
Supply intracoronary prosthesis and balloon angioplasty
Restenosis occurs in approximately 40% of all balloon angioplasty procedures, and Novoste estimates the cost of associated revascularization procedures approaches $3 billion annually in the U.
The grant will fund the continued development of Thrombostatin for prevention of blood clots following balloon angioplasty procedures in patients suffering from coronary artery disease.
Nasdaq: CFLO) today reported from the American Heart Association meeting that preliminary six-month data from the Doppler Endpoints Balloon Angioplasty Trial Europe (DEBATE) study have been presented by Dr.
The AVAIL multicenter clinical study enrolled coronary artery disease patients who had a high risk of restenosis following balloon angioplasty.
As an "ischemic modifier' in conjunction with balloon angioplasty: Balloon angioplasty, in which a tiny balloon is inserted and temporarily inflated inside a coronary artery, has become a popular method of unclogging blood vessels that are responsible for bringing oxygen to the heart.
7 millimeters (1/30 inch) in diameter, allowing it to be used in arteries too small to admit current balloon angioplasty or stent delivery catheters.
More than 1 million balloon angioplasty procedures are performed each year in the United States, with more than 2.
The MIC will be used to deliver Biostent immediately following balloon angioplasty.