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the trajectory of an object in free flight

the science of flight dynamics

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Vernon, NY, Gaffco Ballistics was founded in 1986 by Thomas Gaffney.
Ballistic Product's Advantages 111 Master Reloading Manual
They are: Downrange Ballistics, Buckshot Ballistics, Shotstring Ballistics, Shotshell Patterns, Pellet Penetration, Recoil, Target Hits, Safety Limits and Miscellaneous Topics.
The game is "as real as it gets," with phenomenal graphics, actual ballistics models, and real animal behaviors.
Broader adoption of the Kestrel with Applied Ballistics is anticipated as other services are presently evaluating its performance and capabilities.
The soft ballistics SK1 need to VPAM - his April 2006, test level 9-SK4, upgradeable.
This book reviews international law on firearms, describes firearms manufacturing, details the working mechanisms of firearms, and outlines forensic methods related to firearms, such as bullet ballistics and detection of discharge residue.
Winchester Ammunition has launched its Web-based Ballistics Calculator.
I am indignant over the detention of Alikbek Jekshenkulov and doubt the results of the forensic ballistics examination,\" declared Nina Zotova, lawyer of the ex-Foreign Minister Alikbek Jekshenkulov who was arrested on March 9 under suspicion of involvement in the murder of a Turkish national.
The Rifleman QD Manager 3-9x40mm, scope features Leupold's new Rifleman Ballistics Reticle and represents a terrific value from Leupold's most affordable line.
International Conference on Computational Ballistics (3d: 2007: The New Forest, UK) Ed.
POLICE chiefs have announced the creation of a new national ballistics database to tackle gun crime.
Warriors that employed this implement of war include Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart, and Edward I of England In a follow up to Backyard Ballistics, Gurstelle instructs engineers, tinkerers, and devilish boys and girls on how to build seven working scale model catapults.
The role of the developing National Integrated Ballistics Information Network in this process also was discussed, along with the project at NIST to develop reproducible standard bullets to verify the operation of the image analysis systems.
A ballistics test helped link the two crimes, officials said.