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Caption: The 6mm Creedmoor case was designed to be compatible with long, ballistically efficient bullets, while staying within the overall length limitations of common, standard, 2.
West Yorkshire Police currently have a small number of Ballistically Protected Vehicles which are coming towards the end of their operational life and as such discussions have been undertaken to assess the future requirements of the force.
Caption: Be safe, look smooth, that's why Tarr likes Wiley X sunglasses, which are ballistically rated, and they fit his head.
The Focus RS is ballistically fast which, on public roads, could end up doing some serious damage to your driving licence.
Tempe, Arizona-based Robertson designs and produces mission-extending, crashworthy, and ballistically self-sealing auxiliary fuel systems for military rotorcraft.
Practically speaking, these four cartridges are ballistically identical to the more compact .
The BER round is fired ballistically, and can reach up to 50 km when fired from a 52 calibre barrel.
For instance, on our latest AC904 model helmet a hybrid of materials are used; ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which is ballistically efficient, but not as structural as the Aramids we've previously used.
It acquitted itself well as a general purpose round on heavy game, and is ballistically similar to the .
There's terrific tension amid the ferocious barrage of sinew-snapping, bone-bashing, nerve-shredding and ballistically executed mayhem.
This unique reticle can be ballistically matched to your exact cartridge using Nikon "Spot On" Software.
Ballistically speaking, the stuff should just have fallen back onto Pluto, so tidal interactions among the large chunks must have allowed what became Charon and the other moons to remain in orbit around Pluto's equator.
The team extracted electrons from the silicon structure efficiently by applying a negligible amount of voltage and then placed them in the air, allowing them to travel ballistically in a nanometer-scale channel without any collisions or scattering.
Fortress-like protection "This vessel will be ballistically protected like a fortress, leaving little opportunity for pirates who might roam the Tanzanian waters" says Nassif.
If you haven't yet seen Stephen Bunting, incidentally, and are tuning in this evening for the first time, please bear in mind that not all bullets are small, sleek and ballistically sophisticated.