ballistic missile

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a missile that is guided in the first part of its flight but falls freely as it approaches target

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Whether launched from sea or shore, SM-3s destroy incoming ballistic missile threats in space using nothing more than sheer impact, which is equivalent to a 10-ton truck traveling at 600 mph.
All ballistic missile tests by Iran are banned under a 2010 Security Council resolution that remains valid until a nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers is implemented.
As the test began, the AN/TPY-2 radar detected the target and relayed track information to the C2BMC system to cue defending ballistic missile defense system assets.
The South Korean military successfully test-fired a ballistic missile with a range of 500 km, named Hyunmoo-2B, on June 3.
Also in a separate statement this month, students at the Islamic seminary in the holy city of Qom, referred to the paragraph in the UNSC resolution annex which calls for curbing Iran's ballistic missile capability, and underlined the necessity for protecting the country's defense capabilities and ensuring continued development of Iran's ballistic missile capability.
The trial was crucial for the two- layer defence system that is being prepared as it has to be capable of destroying a ballistic missile with a 2,000- km range both inside and outside the earth's atmosphere.
Setting a new milestone in the country's Integrated Missile Development Programme, India's maiden Long Range Ballistic Missile (LRBM) Agni-V was successfully flight-tested today.
Recommendation: To establish the foundation needed to make effective policy, strategy, budgetary, and acquisition decisions, the Secretary of Defense should use this analysis as a foundation for evaluating DOD's ballistic missile defense developmental and acquisition priorities in future budget requests as well as its overall ballistic missile defense policy and strategy direction.
He brings his knowledge of ballistic missiles to the reader in a way that makes historical events relevant to current world events.
The missile, called ''Musudan,'' is known as a new ground-launched intermediate-range missile developed by North Korea on the basis of the former Soviet Union's submarine-launched ballistic missile SSN-6.
A key objective of the 2007 conference is to continue building the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) team relationships that will in turn make development of a global missile defense system a successful reality.
Ground tests of the laser were conducted at Edwards over an 11-month period, ending last December with a laser shot long enough and powerful enough that officials said it would have been capable of destroying a ballistic missile.
Another integral part of our defense has been our Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Force.
A new Working Paper by Project Ploughshares and The Simons Centre for Peace and Disarmament on Canada and Ballistic Missile Defence offers a detailed analysis of why BMD will not bring the protection it promises, why it will undermine international nonproliferation and disarmament efforts, and why it is not integral to Canada-US security cooperation.
Again, Iran's biological weapons program is complemented by an even more aggressive chemical warfare program, Iran's ongoing interest in nuclear weapons, and its aggressive ballistic missile research, development, and flight testing regimen.
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