ballistic fingerprinting

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identification of the gun that fired a bullet from an analysis of the unique marks that every gun makes on the bullet it fires and on the shell ejected from it

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A report in The Washington Post quoted a spokesperson for the Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence as saying ballistic fingerprinting would have, "solved this crime (the D.
Or taken another way, if ballistic fingerprinting in one form or another is acceptable for the common good, what about other, greater risks to society?
20 /PRNewswire/ -- NRALIVE, the streaming news web site of the National Rifle Association, has learned that a review of a study conducted by California's Department of Justice about ballistic fingerprinting has been delivered to California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, but his office is refusing to release it, even with a Freedom of Information Request.
Jack Scott said Tuesday he will propose legislation requiring the ballistic fingerprinting of all new guns in California.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has also employed a ballistic fingerprinting database, but imposing a federal law to require the practice is a contentious political issue.
Senior Editor and Columnist Jonathan Alter argues that the adoption of ballistic fingerprinting, a new system for catching criminals, is hardly a sure thing thanks to the warped politics of guns.
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