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an engine that provided medieval artillery used during sieges

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A slightly lower draw than seven would have been ideal, but Ballista is very fast and I can see him slotting in behind the super speedy Caspian Price and pouncing close home.
Seemingly less one dimensional than he used to be now he has learned to settle, it could be that Ballista is ready to take his game to another level.
Nelson Paez, the company's co-founder and chief executive, says DreamHammer started developing Ballista in 2009 in response to the Pentagon's push for interoperability in military systems.
Wolves of the North: Warrior of Rome" is a historical adventure following Ballista, a legionnaire charged with combating the Heruli, the feared tribes preventing the Roman expansion northwards.
Competitors are believed to include Accuracy International's AX, Beretta Defence Technologies' Sako M10, FN Herstal's Ballista PSR, Remington Defense's Modular Sniper Rifle, and Surgeon Rifles' Remedy XL.
Designed and built by Unique Alpline AG and commercialized by FNH USA, the FN/Unique Alpine Ballista is a fully modular, multi-caliber (.
New Dragon types encountered include the New Dwemer automation, which is a walking dwarven ballista.
The invention of torsion spring technology allowed development of a much larger "artillery" bow called the ballista (circa 300 BC), a siege engine manned by several individuals and capable of launching much larger projectiles, often stones or heavy spears.
The Romans will be giving hands-on demonstrations, giving youngsters a chance to try on the armour and examine the siege weapon, the ballista, a giant crossbow.
The Wolves Of The North is the fifth novel in his bestselling series surrounding hero Ballista.
99)A MISSION across the Black Sea sees the mighty leader Ballista clash with savage barbarian tribes, whose brutality has formed the stuff of legend.
The Romans, who knew a thing or two about art and construction, would have had the designer shot from a ballista, and Gustave would have been puzzled.
The Ballista was one of the earliest missile weapons widely employed in warfare and subsequently gave its name to the science of projectile motion, according to Robert McCoy in his book Modern Exterior Ballistics.
Other attractions include medieval battle with the trebuchet being fired twice a day and visitors can also see the latest addition to the castle's deadly arsenal, in the form of the replica ballista.