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extraordinary enthusiasm for ballets

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With his raffine knowledge of forgotten movie stars, his balletomania, his careful retarding of the social, Cornell accomplished something as daring as Duchamp: He trashed art.
de Basil put together their own companies from the remnants of Diaghilev, providing the beginnings of the various Ballets Russes touring troupes that sparked a worldwide cult of what dance critic Arnold Haskell dubbed balletomania.
For example, in 1934--the year Balanchine arrived stateside--Arnold Haskell observed in Chapter 14 of Balletomania that, "During the past twenty years of more, Harlem influence upon all branches of art and life has been as great as the Diaghilev influence and has been felt even in the ballet, stronghold of tradition itself.
Behind them on a bench, sitting squarely in the hot sun, are the regulars: a Cuban man and woman who hold hands as if attending a matinee in old Havana, a pensive young girl in halter and shorts, and a gray-bearded mumbler whom no one dares question about his balletomania.