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ALASTAIR MACAULAY NYT SYNDICATE IF you are a balletomane, caring more about dancers than choreography, then the casting of John Cranko's three-act ballet Onegin (1965) brings excitement.
THIS YEAR, the centennial of the founding of Serge Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, balletomanes have been treated to superb museum and art exhibits, film retrospectives, ballets, and panel discussions.
Originally started in 1974 in New York, Les Ballets Trockadero Monte de Carlo, is an all male ballet company performing ballet classics "en travestie" which has now gained world-wide recognition and acclaim from serious balletomanes and the general public alike for their performances, classical repertoire (2) and, not least, for their pointe work.
The ground plan of Nutcracker - plot first, followed by a series of set displays, meant that the true action for balletomanes came after the interval - a reminder of the artistry of Darci Kistler and Damien Woetzel's celebrated pairing as Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier.
This is what tickled us, how Ashton and the dancer Ninette de Valois, the composer Constant Lambert, the economist Maynard Keynes, the writer Arnold Haskell, and the whole between-the-wars band of English balletomanes, how they pretty much did what we did, fell in love with an alien art and decided, over cocktails it sometimes seems, to make it their own, to create, in the visionary words of de Valois, "a British Ballet," which they did practically overnight and in a void.
Sophisticated balletomanes not only scrutinize the performance of the principal dancers; they also inspect the stage for gifted members of the corps.
34) Anthony Asquith, 'Ballet and the Film', in Footnotes to the Ballet: A Book for Balletomanes, ed.
It wasn't even a big obsession, nothing like the tragedy of the grand balletomanes throwing their fortunes and reputations at the feet of some willowy girl.
Add to this some spectacular scenery and costumes from Santo Loquasto and you have a real crowd pleaser, accessible to regular theatergoers as well as confirmed balletomanes.
Sir Kenneth Macmillan's ragtime Elite Syncopations is among the delights for balletomanes at Rhyl Pavilion Theatre on Tuesday
The image of a fierce, bare-chested muscular Gorboulev as the infamous outlaw of the American West adorned the PNB's posters and flyers, winning the hearts of Seattle's female balletomanes.
The thoughts, or, to some, ravings, of the great ballet dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky, have for years fascinated not only balletomanes but those interested in the human mind.
Although I was not particularly impressed by it on my one and only hearing, balletomanes should find much to enjoy within its 103 minutes.
His work shocked balletomanes because he blatantly eliminated one element of ballet at a time, making his deconstruction obvious.
Reviews and articles written at the time by prominent writers such as Theophile Gautier focused as much on the physical charms of the leading dancers as on their artistic interpretations, fanning the passions of competing male balletomanes who argued vehemently for either the ethereal quality of a Marie Taglioni or the sensuality of a Fanny Elssler.