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a ballet enthusiast

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Since this week's other Onegins include Roberto Bolle, David Hallberg and Cory Stearns, Ballet Theatre balletomanes have a feast ahead of them.
I remember a conversation between a balletomane, another critic, and me.
Newman's connective essays as a disenchanted balletomane take her from New York to San Francisco to her adopted home, London.
What does a well-bred balletomane do in a strange town over Christmas?
Balletomanes are buzzing about this world premiere, full-length Will Tuckett version of the famous children's story, presented by the Sarasota Ballet Aug.
Keep on dancing, Misty, your trailblazing is a gift to all balletomanes, not just the brown ones.
The June 2013 announcement of Carreno's appointment brought BSJ instant media exposure and piqued the curiosity of balletomanes from coast to coast.
And when Nijinsky, covered with gold paint, leapt onto the stage from a 10ft high rostrum as the half-naked Golden Slave (secret lover of the young Sultana) in the Bakst-designed wildy Oriental spectacle Scheharazade, well - the fierce barbarity and abandoned dancing of sexually seductive, scantily-clad men and voluptuous women, in a decor where orange, emerald green and scarlet collided exotically, was enough to send Paris and London balletomanes reeling with shock and pleasure.
Inspired by the 1949 creation of the arts-investigating federal Massey Commission, balletomanes in Toronto felt "the time has come when Toronto needs, wants and is willing to support a company.
Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company, under the masterful watch of Makhar Vaziev - known to balletomanes worldwide for his impeccable, exacting eye for beauty - is a treasure of global renown.
Well-received by surprised critics and audiences, the company's tour proved the potential of African Americans to achieve classical ballet technique, a truth long denied by American balletomanes.
THIS YEAR, the centennial of the founding of Serge Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, balletomanes have been treated to superb museum and art exhibits, film retrospectives, ballets, and panel discussions.
The ground plan of Nutcracker - plot first, followed by a series of set displays, meant that the true action for balletomanes came after the interval - a reminder of the artistry of Darci Kistler and Damien Woetzel's celebrated pairing as Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier.
With a professional ballet presence in Los Angeles, balletomanes will no longer have to rely on visiting companies to experience world class dance; they will now have a home-based outlet for their passion.
This is what tickled us, how Ashton and the dancer Ninette de Valois, the composer Constant Lambert, the economist Maynard Keynes, the writer Arnold Haskell, and the whole between-the-wars band of English balletomanes, how they pretty much did what we did, fell in love with an alien art and decided, over cocktails it sometimes seems, to make it their own, to create, in the visionary words of de Valois, "a British Ballet," which they did practically overnight and in a void.