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music written for a ballet

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There's swing dance in it and sort of a balletic pas de deux between Edward and Kim.
Thus, as she works her way from social attire to its balletic counterparts, the thread snaps.
Then there is the ``Bondage'' number, in which a seemingly nude woman (Laurence Jardin, cleverly costumed) performs balletic feats above the stage using four black ropes.
Now I put more technique in my combinations--more balletic things, modern, Graham, Horton.
She is then joined by the others, who create balletic movements (the Cirque touch) while her vocals soar.
The choreographer Tony Ching Siu-Tung, who also choreographed fights for this year's House of Flying Daggers, made a film that is balletic in its technical beauty and provides a glimpse of where fight choreography is heading.
Kaplan's choreography is heavy on clanking, boot stomping and a near balletic depiction of steel driving.
McGregor's focused blending of high-tech stagecraft and ditto dancing looks bold, balletic, and British.
It isn't hard to figure out who will prevail, but not before there are numerous high-flying balletic battles.
But it was not unusual to see a series of balletic arabesque hops or expressionist hands hiding faces.
While the love stories are told with an intelligence and elegance that we come to expect from Lee, it is the balletic fight scenes that leave audiences breathless.
The good-natured lampooning of sentiments sank a bit; crisper, more consequential character sketches were needed, yet balletic pep kept fun in the froth.
The loosely staged, handheld cinematography (by ``The Crow's'' Dariusz Wolski) has something of the old Peckinpah kineticism without aping the master's balletic compositions.
With balletic case and consummate skill, they represented primal opposites battling for survival.
But then story and character development are beside the point in ``M:I-2,'' a movie that focuses most of its energies on director John Woo's balletic, choreographed violence and star Tom Cruise's spectacularly coiffed hair.