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a man who directs and teaches and rehearses dancers for a ballet company

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Even the daily grind of company class becomes a vehicle for ballet masters to help dancers, especially the corps de ballet, to improve.
As one of my fellow ballet masters said, no matter how hard you prepare, there will always be a question you can't answer.
In the course of his 11-year tenure, he served as director of the school and as ballet master and principal teacher for the Harkness Ballet Co.
Over the years, Howard has been offered high-profile ballet master positions and even a company directorship.
Since corps dancers seldom get mentioned in reviews and don't often take solo bows, praise and feedback usually come from peers and ballet masters.
Jones' attentive "eye," like all ballet masters, can have a direct impact on a dancer's career.
Like Jones, the Joffrey's Mark Goldweber is one of a team of four ballet masters.
That exactness of execution--the kind that [Suzanne] Farrell and Kyra Nichols have--is God given," Russian-born ballet master George Balanchine told Russian musicologist Solomon Volkov for the 1985 book Balanchine's Tchaikovsky.
Petersburg, 1858) by the Imperial Theater's ballet master, Jules Perrot.
Since then, Le Corsaire has remained in the Russian repertory, revised each time another ballet master took on the project.
Although some former dancers are still performing elsewhere, most have blossomed in other careers: four are physical therapists; one is a chiropractor; forty-four are teachers; seven are ballet masters or ballet mistresses; fourteen are artistic directors of their own companies; one is a professor of psychiatry; three are psychologists or counselors; one is an organic farmer; one is a horse trainer; several have written books.
Ballet master in chief Peter Martins led the audience in a vodka toast, a ritual initiated by Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein at the Stravinsky Festival in 1972.
Melissa Hayden, Sean Lavery, and Richard Tanner staged the ballets, which were rehearsed by ballet masters Debra Austin and Boieru.
With assistance from six ballet masters and mistresses, his troupe appears to be sailing with unmistakable grace and remarkable ease into the deep waters of a lasting ballet tradition.
A few years later, the ballet masters own New York City Ballet performed here; I still have a vivid recollection of the tour.