ballet dancer

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a trained dancer who is a member of a ballet company

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Also, those who were not lucky enough and couldnt get their tickets two years ago want to see famous Russian ballet dancers perform "Cinderella" this time.
Dozens of the country's top ballet dancers took centre stage on March 11 at Egypt's National Classical Ballet Competition, held at the Suzanne Mubarak Library in Maadi, marking the first nation-wide competition for this genre of dance in almost two decades.
eld Gardens development, provides full-time residential education for young people training to become professional ballet dancers.
I still wish that I could have become a ballet dancer," the Daily Star quoted her as telling Hello
A TROUPE of Russian female ballet dancers, who weigh an average of 20 stone, returns to Wales this week.
My first 28 years were mainly devoted to becoming the best ballet dancer I could be.
The diminutive dancer will be hosting a special workshop for young budding ballet dancers at La Sagesse school in Jesmond this Sunday.
YOUNG ballet dancers are being forced into anorexia, a top psychotherapist claims.
Neve Campbell (right) will star as a ballet dancer in the Warner Bros film Move.
Ihab Salah, 21, is a ballet dancer at the Cairo Ballet Company and he started attending the Higher Institute of Ballet since he was eight.
Now 10 years later, Dux has gone for his former student's jugular by claiming the actor was a carpet installer when they met and is more a ballet dancer than a karate champion.
6) * One dance exposure = one ballet dancer involved in one training or one performance session.
In Rainey's 20 plus years as a ballet dancer, he has been up front about racial divides in classical ballet.
Most published studies on injuries in the ballet dancer focus on the lower extremity.