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(football) the player who is carrying (and trying to advance) the ball on an offensive play

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Indeed, pursuit of the ballcarrier has also become lax.
He established himself as a rangy, rapid ballcarrier in Sale sides of recent seasons, playing back-row and second-row, yet it is a more complete package that Sharks and England are now witnessing.
To dispossess the ballcarrier, the opposition player has to use her own stick as a weapon and knock the ballfree.
ROBIN MCBRYDE 8Wales' most consistent ballcarrier, especially during the early flurries, and is slowly recapturing top form.
I want to become a better ballcarrier and get my hands on the ball a bit more.
The last period summed it up for me when the centre James Fitzpatrick, who is normally a big ballcarrier for them, lost the ball twice.
As a running back, Auburn High senior Dan Flink is as tough to bring down as any ballcarrier in Central Mass.
Robinson this week urged referee Marius Jonker to keep a close eye on England's dummy runners, who he claimed are taking out defenders and opening space for the ballcarrier.
UCLA's defensive 11 lines up and sprint toward one of the sidelines like they are going after a ballcarrier.
One of the most common circumstances is where a ballcarrier kicks over a defender and purposefully runs into him to claim obstruction.
While wishing our youthful team success on their journey, I am concerned at the lack of physical presence in the front five, and the fact that skipper Colin Charvis is the only obvious ballcarrier.
He's a good player, a good ballcarrier who is quite mobile.
It'll take trust in it, with the ballcarrier carrying the ball, and it'll take breaking a few long runs.
Kenneway became the primary ballcarrier after splitting time the past two seasons and hasn't disappointed, rushing for 172 yards over two games.
The Ospreys were heavily reliant on the power of All Black Jerry Collins as a ballcarrier but their work after that was careless and posed no threat.