ballast resistor

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a resistor inserted into a circuit to compensate for changes (as those arising from temperature fluctuations)

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At time t = 1 ms a breakdown starts to take place, the load resistance Rload is shunted by the circuit of the short-circuited discharger D and the connected ballast resistor Rb.
The driver's typical constant current output accuracy of 5%, irrespective of source voltage and LED chain length, is more than sufficient to meet the needs of low cost lighting products, ensuring uniform LED brightness and good inter-lamp matching without the need for ballast resistors.
The drivers are suitable for a broad range of high-brightness, general illumination applications, including signage, architectural, emergency lighting and MR16 lamp replacement, ensuring uniform LED brightness as well as eliminate the need for ballast resistors.
The SiP12401 boost controller IC uses double-cell NiMH or alkaline and Li-ion batteries to drive white LEDs connected in series for uniformly bright backlighting without the need for ballast resistors.
It provides a solution to drive LEDs in parallel, using ballast resistors to set the current, in LCD backlighting and color indicator applications.