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a singer of popular ballads

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Performers include Hot Club of Cowtown, Wylie and the Wild West, Juni Fisher, Lorraine Rawls, Syd Masters and the Swing Riders, Dave Stamey, Pat Richardson, Ginny Mac, Larry Maurice, Sky Shivers, Curly Musgrave, Kahuna Cowboys, Kip Calahan, the Buckaroo Balladeers and more.
Slow burning and tad-depressing, Ashes is another example of ballad by numbers and balladeers Embrace are not.
30, 1935), and his recently released In the Still of the Night (Columbia OC 44336) is further proof that he's the absolute "king of the hill" among male balladeers.
In fact, while record sales of other popular male balladeers have dropped drastically, KEM's sale percentages have increased indicating his growing fan base.
Indie balladeers Snow Patrol's fourth album Eyes Open fell two places to four and hip-hop duo Gnarls Barkley's St Elsewhere dropped to fifth.
Overnight, they turned from heavy riff rockers to big balladeers.
In a British market, where the choices seem to be bland balladeers (Keane, Coldplay, Embrace to a point) or truly awful pop acts (anyone from the so-called talent shows) Kasabian are a welcome relief.
NEWHALL - The best cowboy poets, balladeers, comedians, singers and bands from across the nation will once again converge on Santa Clarita for the 10th annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival, which will take place Wednesday through Sunday at Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio, as well as at other locations across the valley.
The balladeers, famous for their hits Seven Drunken Nights and The Irish Rover, started off playing in O'Donoghues in Dublin in 1962.
Hollister, known for his gritty and soulful style, solidifies his place as one of R&B and hip hop's premiere balladeers with this release.
The Derry festival, on Friday, July 1, and Saturday, July 2, is a celebration of music, cinema and art and features such Americana-influenced bands as Lowly Knights, Murder Balladeers, The 1930s, Captain Kennedy, Sullivan & Gold, Wookalily, Rachel Austin, Porch Song Anthology, Acoustic Dan & The Black Mountain Dipsos, The Heads of State and The Sons of Caliber.
Balladeers and bards will bury their differences later this year as the UK's favourite song lyrics are sought to celebrate National Poetry Day, it was announced yesterday.
He is one of the best - and most distinctive - balladeers of all time.
Hollister's Motown debut is scheduled for an August 2002 release and will feature collaborations with fellow balladeers Joe, Tank and All Star.
Irish balladeers, Jewish comics, African-American entertainers and others shared the stage - sometimes forming an amazingly complex whole, sometimes remaining impossibly dissimilar.