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a singer of popular ballads

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But a High Court judge said Sir Cliff should give further details in support of his claim that losses by Balladeer "ought to be treated as losses by him".
While on tour, Craig will be continuing his Expressway Balladeer web series, made popular with his Fall Tour of 2015.
Only Sharad Pawar's convoluted thinking in formulating an opposition to a Brahminical order (the RSS) through targeting a balladeer and playwright, albeit one who wrote on a popular historical figure and one who is, conveniently, a member of the RSS, which could bring such ferocity to the campaign.
Expect a healthy mixture of old and new in this intimate acoustic show, with support from Teesside balladeer Rojor on Friday, July 25.
spoke to Iglesias ahead of the show and learned a few things about what it takes to become a major recording artist and an internationally successful touring balladeer, Gulf News reported.
One for those wanting to be soothed by a troubadouring balladeer armed with nothing more dangerous than an acoustic guitar and some orchestrally-skilled mates.
The balladeer, who had a worldwide hit with Edelweiss, now lives in Henley-on-Thames but was born in Holbrooks.
Some highlights, from the balladeer who I always gathered wanted us to think he was Italian, while not actually fooling anyone:
The art rock balladeer Nick Cave inspired his enthralling, evening-length work Underland, which has its U.
in good form was Lawney Hill at Uttoxeter, who had two well-backed winners in Mad Jack Duncan and Bynack Mhor, plus a 25-1 second in Balladeer.
Balladeer Brian McKnight infuses his Christmas album with his own smooth and soulful song stylings that put romance back into the holiday season.
DAVID KIRTON Time For Change (Right Recordings) ALREADY a triple award-winner in the Caribbean, the new album from Barbadian balladeer Kirton has the crossover appeal to break him big in the mainstream pop charts.
Her soul-pop-French balladeer style will captivate both old school fans and those who love contemporary women's music.
Even if that's not your favorite musical genre, a deep affection for it could blossom at Tower Hill Botanic Garden when that masterful bluesy balladeer from the Heartland, Susan Werner, performs there Thursday evening.
Despite the fact that Kelly is a rock chick, her American Idol song choices included three from soul queen Aretha Franklin, R'n'B diva Dionne Warwick and two by Canadian power balladeer Celine Dion.