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Synonyms for ball-shaped

having the shape of a sphere or ball

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The designs used in brick bottom stucco ball-shaped decorations are considerably diverse.
The ball-shaped 'nanosponge', which is 3,000 times smaller than a red blood cell, soaks up dangerous chemicals and transports them to the liver where they are broken down.
Buckminsterfullerene is a ball-shaped cluster of 60 atoms arranged like the panels on a modern football.
The Chinese contributors analyze a polymer gel electrolyte for solar cells, the fermentation quality and nutritive value of green tea grounds, ground vibration caused by trains, and a small vertical axis wind turbine with ball-shaped blades.
Options within this area include golf ball-shaped signs, staff badge design, directional signs and more.
But when we recently opened one of the boxes, we saw a ball-shaped nest covered in fresh leaves - a sure sign of a dormouse nest.
Silver and gold bows, ball-shaped ornaments and small white lights also hung from the tree which stood in the hotel's lobby.
Roy played Zippy, who had a rugby ball-shaped head and a zip mouth, and pink hippo George from the early 1970s until 1992.
Summer-flowering bulbs such as the wonderful agapanthus, or African lily, look fantastic in pots, providing a striking display of ball-shaped 13cm (5in) flower clusters in blues or whites, late in the summer.
One of the easiest primulas to grow, Primula denticulata bears ball-shaped clusters of flowers in pink, white or purple.
Since last November, Roger Drowne has been bobbing through East Coast waterways, from North Carolina to the Florida Keys, in a self-designed, soccer ball-shaped plywood and fiberglass watercraft dubbed "Earth Ball.
With people across the country looking to follow the goals and international competition of this summer's festival of football, the special ball-shaped modem is likely to be a smash-hit with football fans.
My burger was a hefty one, so packed with meat it was virtually ball-shaped but well-cooked and with a hint of coriander.
In a fit of rage, Emma tosses the gold ball-shaped locket that contains Lloyd's picture into a well.
Masterfoods is providing an everyday, lighter way to enjoy Maltesers ice cream with the launch of a 31g ball-shaped bar containing mini-sized versions of the chocolate brand.