ball-peen hammer

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a hammer with one round and one flat end

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Sutcliffe smashed her over the head with a ball-peen hammer before turning her over and slashing her stomach with a knife.
Use a small sledge or big ball-peen hammer to pound on the 2 x 4 until you have driven all four legs of the platform into the ground up to the level of the bottom square.
Some unkind souls might suggest that repeatedly hitting your skull with a ball-peen hammer would be a more tempting proposition than Rangers against Motherwell.
impact by the rounded end of a ball-peen hammer at a spo t being heated by the propane flame at 2000F (1093C) are some of the attack scenarios.
Jake had the shop door open and was ringing out Christmas Eve in his own way, for he had Pop's ball-peen hammer playing on the anvil, switching from the ringing face to the mellow horn.
Another former firefighter, Rich Force, testified that one day James Gillette drove to work in a car that had 500 to 700 dents in it and at one point went out to the car with a ball-peen hammer and hit it some more in an apparent fit of anger.
I'm sure enough force behind a ball-peen hammer could dent the barrel but dropping the gun in a boat or even in a pile of rocks is not likely to do so.