ball-peen hammer

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a hammer with one round and one flat end

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That can mean 'chattering' fasteners with an impact wrench, tapping with a ball-peen hammer, or even pounding on the handle of a screwdriver head or the side of a combination wrench while loosening.
Sutcliffe smashed her over the head with a ball-peen hammer before turning her over and slashing her stomach with a knife.
Some unkind souls might suggest that repeatedly hitting your skull with a ball-peen hammer would be a more tempting proposition than Rangers against Motherwell.
For the damage survey, the acoustic source was a ball-peen hammer that was struck onto thin steel plates, measuring approximately 7.
When you've done wrong, you just don't want to go into court - it's like hitting yourself in the head with a ball-peen hammer," Journal Communications General Counsel Paul Kritzer said of the Feb.
I crept down the stairs in my bare feet, made a left turn into the kitchen, gentled open a closet door, groped inside and came out with a ball-peen hammer in my grip.
Another former firefighter, Rich Force, testified that one day James Gillette drove to work in a car that had 500 to 700 dents in it and at one point went out to the car with a ball-peen hammer and hit it some more in an apparent fit of anger.
I'm sure enough force behind a ball-peen hammer could dent the barrel but dropping the gun in a boat or even in a pile of rocks is not likely to do so.