ball-and-socket joint

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a joint that can rotate within a socket

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The hip is a ball-and-socket joint (shaped like a ball and cup) where the ball should fit snugly in the cup.
The disorder is marked by an inherited malformation of the ball-and-socket joint that connects an animal's thigh bone (femur) to its hip.
It is proposed that the elastomer ring body (4) is arranged radially on the outside at the inner wall of the outer sleeve (3) and radially on the inside at a sleeve-like bearing shell (5), which slidingly cooperates with the inner part (1), forming a ball-and-socket joint.
A ball-and-socket joint (shoulder and hip)--lets you move in many directions.
A titanic steel ball-and-socket joint, measuring 23 feet in diameter, is an essential component in the modernization of La Condamine, the port of Monaco, to accommodate cruise ships previously prohibited from docking at the tiny principality.