ball valve

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any valve that checks flow by the seating of a ball

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During the period, the two ball valves and the two ring valves must be dismantled at the factory and transported to the an plant.
The VariAS-Block type most commonly used is the Double Block and Bleed Design with a primary and a secondary isolation ball valve design and a metal seated needle vent valve.
This feature (replaceable bar grids and a removable ball valve located under the tank) now makes it much easier for slurry to be discharged in a fashion similar to how it is handled in the company's larger SI series laboratory mills.
The manufacturers will most likely set the ball valve for a reasonable flush anyway.
Lindal says the ball valve delivers easy, 360-degree actuation and unsurpassed performance whether the product is used upright or upside-down.
Available in 18 brass or stainless steel models with 2-way or 3-way configurations and 1/4” to 4” pipe sizes, 8P Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valves can be customized by original equipment manufacturers to meet the requirements of virtually any application.
Products available in the range include; NAMUR Solenoid Valves, Double Acting and Single Acting Actuators, Nickel plated and Stainless Steel ball valves.
If this does not remedy the problem it is likely the ball valve or the washer inside it is not working properly.
It connects to a ball valve inside the prime detergent tank where you can't inspect it.
The latest addition to Castell Iso-lok's range of ball valve lockouts has been designed for use with ball valves of up to 1" in diameter, ensuring maintenance shut downs can be implemented to the highest possible standard of personnel safety.
It consists of a water flow sensor and motor-driven ball valve installed in the water supply, which is monitored by an LCD controller mounted elsewhere in the home.
The Type 375 True Union Ball Valve is suited for applications that require a durable, compact industrial ball valve in a viscous chemical or water environment.
Other configurations include a male-female pipe end, a 90-degree ball valve, and a line of sweat-end ball valves for use on tubing.