ball of fire

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a highly energetic and indefatigable person

someone whose career progresses rapidly

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When I looked out, there was just a ball of fire and smoke everywhere.
She said: "There was black smoke coming from the bedroom and when I looked in there was a ball of fire.
The Paris-bound jumbo burst into a ball of fire late on Wednesday soon after taking off from New York.
ALL 19 people aboard a casino charter plane were feared dead last night after it plummeted into woods in a ball of fire.
It was just a big ball of fire that rolled over the top of my house and within a second my house was in flames,'' said Partlow, who estimates the explosion occurred 30 to 40 minutes after the quake.
I heard the explosion and it was like a big ball of fire burst out of the apartment,'' said Sarkissian, who lives next door to the initial apartment that erupted into flames.
There was a big ball of fire just before the crash,'' said Rudy Delos-Santos, a reporter at radio station KOKU who lives near the crash site on Nimitz Hill, three miles from the airport on this U.
The four-seater Piper Aztec crashed and erupted into a ball of fire at 10:46 a.
3--ran in SAc edition only) The Controlled Impact Demonstration ends in a ball of fire.
We saw a massive ball of fire, a pillaring tower, which I thought could be a meteor,'' said Maj.
At first, when I was told I was nominated, I thought, `A ball of fire in the middle of the road in July in Georgia - I'm not sure that's such a good idea,''' Badke said.
The house exploded into a ball of fire and pieces of airplane went scattering everywhere,'' she said.
After a random encounter in a pub, Jack takes a liking to Amy (Mathis), an American ball of fire who has no experience as a nanny, but bonds with Sarah and moves in.
The climactic scene, during which The Wicker Man and - spoiler alert - Howie meet their destiny in a ball of fire, was shot on the clifftops of Burrow Head, near Isle of Whithorn, one of the most southerly points in Scotland.
That ball of fire was a large meteor, coming at the tail end of two major meteor showers -- the Taurid and the Leonid -- that occurred this month.