ball-and-socket joint

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a joint that can rotate within a socket

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Abstract: The influence of the electroless Pd deposition reaction process and Pd film thickness in electroless NiPdAu plating on solder ball joint reliability was examined.
The characteristics of the rubber bushings and fixed state ball joints shown in Table 1 were used for calculation of the tire vertical force and the three-direction input torque of each ball joint per suspension stroke unit, by linkage mechanism analysis.
The Review Commission said in this case, to establish a violation a person must determine the amount of ball joint movement that constitutes a "defect" under the standard.
They said the lower ball joints were worn and needed to be replaced.
4, in which, each element taken individually, will execute the movements as a classic ball joint.
com)-- Dredge Yard, the provider and manufacturer of dredging equipment, has now introduced a very wide range of dredge ball joints for its customers.
One of the centres, in south-west London, also failed to detect a problem with the car's track rod end ball joint.
Another missed a problem with the car's track rod end ball joint.
The double ball joint head system safely secures the patient's head.
The lamp stem balances on a ball joint, allowing you to angle the head as required.
Given the appropriate spatial conditions in the oval niche, this optional base provides maximum contact to the stapes footplate and is connected to the prosthesis shaft with a micro ball joint.
Next, with the help of a Costa Mesa-based fabricator, they literally cut off an existing rubber bushing from the outer upper arm and added a welded solid steel ball joint purchased from a racing parts supplier to the existing arm.
A knocking noise from the suspension usually indicates that a front, lower ball joint needs replacing.
A ball joint between the probe tip and mounting arm is said to make it easy to adjust probe position even when the probe is mounted in a probe positioner.
The air tightness of the ball joint booths for the lower arms of the jeep's front-wheel axle is inadequate, meaning grease may leak from the booths, thus causing rapid abrasion and the ball joints to come off, preventing the jeep from moving, it said.