ball-and-socket joint

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a joint that can rotate within a socket

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If movement is more than 1/8 inch, replace the lower ball joint.
Actual casting experience showed less sensitivity to shrinkage in the ball joint than was expected, producing sound castings over a wide range of cooling and mold coating conditions.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of swivel ball joint of APH unit at Unit 1 to 4 ,210MW TPS Khaperkheda
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because a ball joint in the front suspension could fail, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.
Hazard: The threaded end of the rack rod ball joint can break and the ball joint can become displaced, causing the driver to lose steering control.
I'm having problems with the torque specs for the lockouts on the upper ball joint in front of my M99SA1 HMMWV.
If this is not the problem it could be a weak or worn steering ball joint.
One recall involves a bolt in the front suspension assembly that may be loose and cause noise, vibration or, in a small number of cases, separation of the ball joint, the company said.
Each of the six machines are capable of performing all of the necessary machining processes on each knuckle including milling, drilling, reaming and cutting all ball joint angles and tapers.
The foundry rivets a ball joint and installs two bushings (purchased from an outside vendor) in the fully-machined casting to provide GM with a finished component.
Contract notice: Silent block and ball joint purchase of spare parts (consignment inventory framework).
The automaker is recalling the vehicles to fix a faulty ball joint that could cause a loss of control of the vehicle.
com has announced today the addition of a powerful and compact portable LED light equipped with a double ball joint mounting system.
Hearn broke his hip near the ball joint, on a narrow part the neck of the femur, a type of fracture that won't heal, Huddleston said.