ball game

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a field game played with a ball (especially baseball)

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Contrast that with the oval ball game where a referee says "come here" to some errant players.
David Evans, chairman of the organising committee for the Atherstone Ball Game, said: "It is because of the continued hard work and dedication being put in by Noel on behalf of Atherstone Rangers that he has been given the honour of starting the Ball Game.
Joint winners: Luke Riley and Sean Glenn, and (above) the Ball Game in full swing.
Archaeologists believe the Maya ball game was itself an analogy for the sun's journey through the sky: "The sun's course - that is, rising from the east, reaching the zenith and being hidden in the west - is at a given time reproduced through the movement of the ball during the practice of ritual," Huchim said.
It was a real honour to be invited to the Atherstone Ball Game," said Ginnelly.
The second and third pitchers you face in a ballgame are not usually as good as the starter, and so driving up the pitch count early in the ball game pays dividends later.
Miller helped end the old system which linked athletes to single teams: A Whole Different Ball Game outlines his influence and baseball history.
But before that time, Marcia tries visiting his neighborhood, giving him pine nuts at the ball game and reminding him that he has promised to rake the leaves in the Faitak yard.
Describing the crowd in his poem "At the Ball Game," William Carlos Williams wrote of the same blissful "spirit of uselessness" surrounding a pastime: "So in detail they.
Even though he knew a lot about collecting, he found himself in a whole new ball game when he started Ultimate Line-Up Inc.
We hear the cheering crowds, songs like "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," the voices of reporters who once covered the game on radio; we see the old tabloid headlines and the faces of heroes past.