ball game

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a field game played with a ball (especially baseball)

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Ray Jarvis, Mayor of Atherstone, said: "The ball game is Atherstone, without it there is not a town.
The rules of the oval ball game are so complex (too complex in my opinion) that explanations (and maybe warnings) are necessary, for players and spectators alike.
All of the athletes were player of any fast ball game.
It was a real honour to be invited to the Atherstone Ball Game," said Ginnelly.
That's the great prize on offer this week with a FREE go on Vernons new lucky numbers ball game 49s.
Billy Beane wouldn't play for one run; he would try to put pressure on the opponent by making the starting pitcher throw lots of pitches and by putting up multiple runs early in the ball game.
One virtual certainty, however, is that during the seventh-inning stretch, fans will be on their feet singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game no matter what stadium they are in.
But before that time, Marcia tries visiting his neighborhood, giving him pine nuts at the ball game and reminding him that he has promised to rake the leaves in the Faitak yard.
Miller helped end the old system which linked athletes to single teams: A Whole Different Ball Game outlines his influence and baseball history.
Describing the crowd in his poem "At the Ball Game," William Carlos Williams wrote of the same blissful "spirit of uselessness" surrounding a pastime: "So in detail they.
In France, an ancient ritualistic Gallic ball game was played yearly in honor of the sun in springtime.
Even though he knew a lot about collecting, he found himself in a whole new ball game when he started Ultimate Line-Up Inc.