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Turns out, his wife found the ring while picking up dog poop at a local ball field.
Finally, camps should be aware that there are two likely pieces to the permit process that they will encounter as they build, rebuild, or repair their ball field.
At the ball field, volunteers repaired and painted the bleachers, remodeled the press box, painted the buildings, built a universally accessible viewing platform shaped like a baseball cap, put up a new scoreboard and portable sound system, and installed a webcam on top of the backstop to stream video onto the Internet.
Since that time, Clean-Ups have been held in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Boston, Miami, Minneapolis and Philadelphia (Nicetown Boys & Girls Club's ball field was restored in April, 1998).
They don't know it's impossible to get a wheelchair into the school ball field.
BOSTON -- Entercom Communications and Shaw's Supermarkets are once again excited to continue their relationship with WEEI and the Red Sox Radio Network with the launch of the "From Farm Field to Ball Field Sweepstakes.
Included in the funding for FY2016 is $250,000 for system-wide playground and ball field improvements
We took the tremendous success we've had on the political field and transferred it to the ball field.
Difficulty sustaining attention on the ball field, for example, can lead to mistakes that foster angry feelings and harsh words.
Safety Hazard for K Park shielded attachment for Ball field lights per Marina Commission
May 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Del Webb's Sun City dedicated a newly renovated ball field at Deicke Park to the Huntley Park District at a celebration of its founder, Del E.
PLANO, Texas -- Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper will host a free outdoor movie night as a "thank you" to New Yorkers at Passannante Ball Field, West Houston Street and Sixth Avenue, New York City on June 1, 2005 at 7:30 pm.
In addition to making the Little League ball field regulation size, the improvements to Mulcahy Field call for relocating the softball field and basketball court, as well as increasing off-street parking in the park.
Money Targeted for Additional Youth Ball Field for Queen Anne and Magnolia
The 23 Orchard Road building is a unique facility that lies on 70 acres of land and includes a tennis court, ball field and a sand volleyball court," said Meisel.