ball club

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a team of professional baseball players who play and travel together

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The camp, only one in this area, is among 20 that the Globetrotters have scheduled for the summer in cities across the nation, said Kim Garvey, a vice president of the ball club.
He is a big part of this ball club and we need him.
With the off-season acquisition of the "Baseball Mogul" code, "Baseball 2001" provides gamers with complete control over a Major League(TM) ball club, giving fans what they've always wanted.
Kevin McClatchy's purchase of the ball club marks the beginning of a new era for the Pirates, and for Pittsburgh.
This year for the first time we really look like an experienced ball club.
As a result of his efforts and contributions to the Phillies ball club, Mitch Williams has been selected to receive this month's Maalox Moment Award.
His contribution to the ball club is he gets the ball to the hitters.
According to Armstrong, selecting a new sponsor for the Kingdome was an important decision for the new ball club.
Toronto is a world-class city and sports mecca, with an exciting ball club that has support from Canadians all across the country," said Shapiro.
Previous winners include South Birmingham Volley Ball Club.
Much like his early days in Minnesota, the power forward is looking forward to making new friends outside the ball club and becoming a part of the community.
Three national championships among juniors in three age categories, the competition for the prizes of the Leather Ball club, and over 20 different tournaments among children were organized this year.
We will not allow any ball club to be held hostage by any player and I do not care which player we are talking about.
Building a successful ball club is a largely top-down endeavor emphasizing team-related desires of owners, GMs, fans, and other club stakeholders.
The only thing I am going to promise you - you ll see a ball club playing hard, playing the right way.