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a general purpose cartridge having a primer and a ball and a full charge of powder

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Americans countered with the Ball Cartridge, Caliber .
45 Calibre Revolver Ball Cartridge, Model of 1875 was loaded with 30gr.
30 Caliber Ball Cartridge, M2--after the civil war the Greek army standardized on the .
Back in the good old days when homeowners had more rights than burglars, you could purchase one of these six-shot Burglar Alarm Revolvers, run a bolt through the hole in the flat handle into a door and when the miscreant entered the premises it would fire either a blank alarm round or a ball cartridge in the direction of the intruder.
The 44 barrel on your gun was smoothbore to take shotshells and special ball cartridges.
Authorities also discovered a concealed bag in which there were 54 machine gun cartridges and 18 M-16 ball cartridges, one mobile phone and two boxes of birth control pills belonging to a captured PKK terrorist.
He had a long revolver or rifle in his possession, and he suddenly began to fire ball cartridges with the weapon.
In Dutch military nomenclature, ball cartridges were designated "scherpe patroon" (loaded cartridge)--plural tronen"--followed by a number, usually with no indication whatsoever of the caliber or weapon it was intended for.
73" slug, sounds just like a Revolutionary War loading for the Brown Bess or any of the large-caliber buck & ball cartridges supplied during the American Civil War.
Lot # 2: ammunition for rifled carbine: Plastic ball cartridges,