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(football) the player who is carrying (and trying to advance) the ball on an offensive play

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He is one of the strongest ball carriers in South African rugby and really relishes the physical side of the game.
Among ball carriers, joint sprains were most prevalent followed by lacerations, concussions, ligament injuries, and fractures with the same injury rate (Table 2).
He'd have been used to being the main ball carrier, but now he has two lads in the queue ahead of him.
The ball carriers have got to take control of the situation and take the tackles much more on their own terms than in the past.
Tap it high, and you can headhunt a ball carrier to jar the ball loose.
This past year saw Urlacher jolt ball carriers and pass receivers alike with 90 tackles, six quarterback sacks, three interceptions, and two forced fumbles.
McFarland said of this Saturday's clash at Allianz Park: "Toulouse are a little bit bigger than Saracens but the issues are the same - big ball carriers, big scrum, big maul.
Blaney had a very busy day, he worked exceptionally hard and was one of our best ball carriers," Hill said.
Blaney had a very busy day, he worked worked exceptionally hard and was one of our best ball carriers," said Hill.
Pittsburgh went 3-2 against the stingiestdefensive teams, 3-3 against the top quarterbacks, 2-1 against the top ball carriers.
Sale struggled to create any momentum with their main ball carriers Andrew Sheridan and Sebastien Chabal frequently stopped dead in their tracks by ferocious defensive work.
The Ravens possessed top ball carriers in captain Powell and veteran No.
The No8, one of the most explosive ball carriers in European rugby, has agreed a two-year deal with the Irish province.
Alix popham is aiming to emerge victorious in the battle of the ball carriers in Saturday's Powergen Cup semi-final against Bath at the Millennium Stadium.
But they've combined for just barely more than half of the team's 298 rushing plays, with the Mustangs using 11 other ball carriers.