ball bearing

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bearings containing small metal balls

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It utilizes full compliment, angular contact ball bearings with ceramic balls.
Carrying an airgun or a ball bearing gun in a public place is illegal.
In these relations fs is rotation frequency, n is number of case shots, D is diameter of step, and d is Case shot diameters that are determined according to presented ball bearing characteristic in figure 1.
He said: "Around 90% of gun crime in North Wales is due to air-guns or ball bearing guns.
A Merseyside police spokesman said: "The injury has been caused by some form of ball bearing.
But his secret was discovered when police found modified fireworks, ball bearings, a pyrotechnics manual and a computer file named "gunpowder mix" at his home.
Myonics--tiny ball bearings used in medical applications--are now manufactured in the United States, Germany and the Czech Republic.
One father of two said the stalls giving the ball bearing guns away as consolation prizes were next to the children's amusement rides.
Like the 1028Z, it also comes with a double-row ball bearing revolving brush with stiffener.
The deadly haul included illegal revolvers, rifles, pistols and shotguns, along with imitation guns, air guns and ball bearing guns.
PC Kelly called for ball bearing guns, sold as toys, to be banned.
The driver, who works for First Bus, was hit with a ball bearing from an air rifle on Friday evening in the Robroyston area of Glasgow.
This state of the art lathe expands machine capacity and production efficiencies within the Troy, NY ball bearing factory.