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  • adj

Synonyms for balky

given to acting in opposition to others

Synonyms for balky

stopping short and refusing to go on


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With all this [violence and degeneration] going on (and on), there hardly seems room for a plot, and yet there is one, balky and encumbered by jeremiads though it may be.
His balky back forced him to the sideline with 1 minute remaining in the first quarter.
But like Jiggs, Homer is proudly and aggressively common, resistant to reform, fond of alcohol and resigned to his family situation although occasionally balky.
McCracken attributed that to Vista's long-running reputation as a balky, underpowered operating system.
lt;p>McCracken attributed that to Vista's long-running reputation as a balky, underpowered operating system.
Unlike his other losses, this one can't be explained by a bad draw, a lousy swing or a balky putter.
Three years after quitting the UK for Australia, Sam Jones - better known as The Balky Mule - put in an endearingly shambolic display which overall served his music well.
CLWB Ifor Bach welcomes back New York's Jeffrey Lewis on Sunday (pounds 11) and The Cinematics on Tuesday (pounds 5) while Forecast bring Banjo Or Freakout and The Balky Mule on Thursday (pounds 6).
The Discovery crew will deliver and install a final set of solar wings for the space station and a spare urine processor for the space station's balky water recycling system.
Pitchers, creamers, mugs, sugar bowls, and the occasional teapot and ashtray serve in this work as a storyboard for the balky scenario of a man and a woman meeting for an undisclosed purpose.
The space shuttle Endeavour will remain at the International Space Station one day longer than planned to give NASA extra time to fix a balky water-recycling system.
Wave soldering was balky and time-consuming, and wasn't delivering hole-fill requirements.
Under one goal, the Trojans students derisively let little Wedel have it, and early on he gave them plenty of fodder with some balky ball handling and misses from the outside.
Tabashnik knew from lab experiments that pink bollworms evolve resistance by developing a balky version of cadherin, which doesn't bind well with the Cry1A pieces.
The author attributed this to his "somewhat balky nature".