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wire used to make bales

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I cut small holes through the old stucco to find the house studs, attach baling wires to those studs and am delighted how solid each bale becomes as I cinch them several times to the studs, then jump on them to test my system.
If your fence is made of wooden boards, however, you might want to stretch baling wire or plastic fishing line at regular intervals (at vertical increments of 8 to 12 inches) so the shoots have something to grasp onto as they grow.
We want something that is a little bit more than your standard duct tape and baling wire, but it is still a prototype.
Pretty much all of them are held together with modern equivalents of baling wire and twine.
Additional line items will include electricity, personnel, security costs, baling wire and other maintenance and operations costs.
Somebody then decided to semi-permanently join 'em in unholy wedlock with duct tape, tin sheets and baling wire.
Instead of using chewing gum and baling wire to keep a creaky transmission system together, we should be continuously investing in and improving the system.
Fellow tinkerers, father and son assembled the apparatus in short order, then added an antenna made from baling wire.
Later, when McGee's ruse to expose the villain backfires and he is forced to bind himself with baling wire, MacDonald's resourceful hero leaves enough slack to bend and break the wire.
Hooked up to a surf-casting outfit, I heave a pair of rusty Florida license plates, loosely attached with baling wire, into the lagoon south of the docks.
The engineer was Guy Hooser, an eccentric, off-the-wall sort who could do more with baling wire and second-hand scrap iron than most men could do with a fully equipped machine shop.
Everyone kept thinking it would fall apart," he said, "that we were holding it together with baling wire.
His inviting score is a mixture of period reels, blues, ballads and religious songs performed by a five-piece group playing everything from guitar and harmonica to tin buckets and baling wire.
Native grasses such as wiregrass, a thick bunchgrass with blades that resemble baling wire, along with an array of ferns and wildflowers will complete a restoration effort.
Have you ever had to use baling wire or a coat hanger to hold up your car's muffler?