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wire used to make bales

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Two shoots should be carefully attached to the baling wire on either side of the trunk with soft strips of cloth and the third allowed to grow up vertically.
As a means of differentiation from competitors, Olympic now offers its baling wire customers a Gold Medal Maintenance Program.
Second, after his mature plants reached the top row of the baling wire, at about 4 1/2 feet, he would trim back any new growth that, were it allowed to continue, would eventually get top-heavy with fruit and flop over.
We also created custom bales as needed, with a 2' long, 1/4" plywood invention which was inserted through the bale, wedging it open to allow baling wire or twine to be easily slipped through, and re-tied.
The old system was held together by chewing gum and baling wire," noted Joe Hindman, department administrator.
We've been holding it together, as they say, with baling wire and chewing gum,'' said Darryl Kniss, chief financial officer for the Antelope Valley Domestic Violence Council, which operates the shelter.
There will be fewer tying cycles, reducing electrical use and [using] less baling wire per ton," he says.
I used every piece of baling wire in my pocket to get these running," Harris said.
When it comes to multi-purpose uses, especially in emergencies, tarps aren't far behind such old favorites as plastic 5-gallon buckets, duct tape and baling wire.
The shears are designed especially for processing linear scrap, such as ACSR cable, wire, tubing, baling wire, banding, bar stock, slitter scrap and scarf, cutting it to various lengths based upon user requirements.
The author supplies tips on what belongs in a backpacking-repair kit and how to use it to make emergency field repairs - many use the shiny silvery tape that has replaced baling wire as the universal fix.
One diversion occurs when Vicki notices Candice has somehow gotten a long string of baling wire stuck in her tail; when I go to try to remove it, Candice tries to run, and I end up holding on to the wire to stop her.
It is a privilege to take a customer operating two or three shifts down to one and radically reduce operating costs for electricity, baling wire and labor.
Like I said (Saturday), my golf swing has been held together by baling wire and duct tape.
Three pallets, connected with baling wire, to form a U shape make the first bin, with two pallets (to make the U in w) for each additional bin.