baleen whale

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After 1933, minke whales became the second-most hunted baleen whale north of the equator, and humpback captures continued to decline.
Baleen whale distribution relative to surface temperature and zooplankton abundance off southern California, 2004-2008.
But until now, the hearing systems of their toothless cousins, baleen whales, remained a mystery.
Surveys by ESOAAEs Whale and Dolphin Research Group in January revealed a further three baleen whale strandings in the Gulf of Masirah, putting the known total for the Al Wusta region alone at seven individuals in the last six months.
This year pounds 70,000 is available in grant aid for projects which must be completed before February 28, 2006Work must target one of Wales's 187 priority species which range from the humble river jelly lichen to the majestic Baleen whale, and can include anything from wildlife surveys and monitoring to practical habitat restoration work Details: Pauline Hughes, CCW, 01248 385786
Detailed analysis has now confirmed they are members of a species of baleen whale not recognised before.
The placed jockeys will offer: "It's starting to get a bit soft - I think I'd have won if I hadn't collided with a baleen whale at the two-pole.
The agency said there were many sulphur-bottom whales and fin whales detected off Kamchatka, and speculated that baleen whale populations are also recovering.
Fossils that are on display in the Museum include Woolly Mammoths, saber tooth tigers, Mastodons, shark vertebrae, giant tortoises, dugong remains, various sea creatures such as sharks skates, alligator remains, and one of the few complete Baleen whale carcasses in the United States, One of the attractions of Florida that should be on everyone's must-see list, admission to the, Museum is free, although donations are accepted.
Blue, gray, and humpback are among the 10 baleen whale species (suborder Mysticeti).
Moscow] constantly demanded that the fleet administration increase the catch of baleen whales, even though baleen whale reserves in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean are in poor condition.
Today the Antarctic blue whale is classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and is of global interest as one of the most at risk baleen whale species in the Southern Ocean, Mr Burke said.
They are a sub-species of baleen whale, feeding on krill, and can grow to 100ft and weigh 150 tonnes.
The Park Service's population monitoring program at Glacier Bay, which began in 1978, is among the longest-running collection of data on a baleen whale and provides information essential to assessing the humpback's recovery from endangered status.