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a horny material from the upper jaws of certain whales


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Instead, they have baleen -- plates similar to bristles made out of keratin, the same material that our fingernails and hair is made of -- that allows them to filter food from the water.
Both toothed and baleen whales are part of a larger family called cetaceans.
The authors systematically work through the various groups of extinct and modern cetaceans, beginning with the oldest forms (archaeocetes) and continuing through different groups of baleen and toothed whales up to the present.
Among the top predators, baleen whales are one of the most interesting taxa because they show different patterns of spatial distribution (Sirovic et al.
Non-fiction | Baleen Whales | Endangered Species | Biodiversity
The Bryde's whale, scientifically known as Balaenoptera edeni, is among the three rorqual or baleen whales found in Pakistani waters.
Kaikaifilu's main prey was aristonectine plesiosaurs, long-necked marine reptiles that filter-fed much like baleen whales.
Whales evolved from wolf-like land ancestors more than 50 million years ago, only later splitting into the two groups seen today: toothed whales and baleen whales, which feed by straining small marine organisms out of the seawater.
The Egyptian foreign minister arrived in Baghdad today on a visit during which he met Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and discussed with him issues of mutual interest between the baleen .
You can see the natural habitats of oversized elephant seals, boisterous fur seals, leopard seals, primary predators of the southern seas with their impeccable dives toward the seas below as they lay across glaciers with an abundance of whales such as beautiful orcas with their significant white spots traveling in packs, great humpback whales which can be very vocal and can be heard clearly from a distance, and Southern Right or also known as baleen whales easily recognizable for their baleen plates instead of teeth.
Examples of this are baleen baskets, which are native to the northern coastal whaling villages, birchbark baskets created by the interior Athabaskan peoples and the grass baskets generally made in coastal and riverside villages where beach grass abounds.
ISLAMABAD -- Using computer simulation of a fin whale head, scientists have discovered that the skulls of at least some baleen whales have acoustic properties that capture the energy of low frequencies and direct it to their ear bones.
Paradoxically, this gigantic baleen whale is an extreme specialist, feeding almost exclusively on two species of tiny krill (small, shrimp-like marine animals about 5 centimetres long and weighing about 2 grams
It lived at a time of global warmth, in shallow seas around Zealandia , the continental fragment that New Zealand rests upon, along with ancient penguins and baleen whales.
Minke whales and other Mysticeti whale species grow baleen instead of teeth.