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a large bundle bound for storage or transport

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a city in northwestern Switzerland

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The lattre examinacyon of Anne Askewe, lately martyred in Smythfelde, by the wicked Synagogue of Antichrist, with the Elucydacyon of Johan Bale.
After cotton is pressed, six or eight metal or plastic bands or wires, called bale ties, are wrapped around the bale to keep it intact for shipping and handling.
As reconstructed by investigators, he was using a tractor and loader to move a large round hay bale into a cattle lot.
Using the out-of-the-barn prices, a standard round bale containing the equivalent of 30 square bales is worth $37.
These plastered straw-bale construction pioneers publish The Last Straw, a newsletter that reports on techniques and tips for building homes out of straw bales.
Like bale wrap, bulk bags usually make only one trip (in fact, recyclers sign statements that bags turned over to them won't be reused, since a company's name is usually printed on them).
So we've tried to bring some science into the ongoing question by comparing the strengths and weaknesses of Giggs and Bale in a number of playing categories.
Another possible savings with the right bales is they are heavy and the bale size is designed to maximize container loading.
I remember seeing one at the Canfield, Ohio, Fair, where several round bales slowly revolved in a steel frame while water dripped on each bale.
Within months of the execution, Bale had edited Askew's text, inserting his own overwhelming intertextual commentary (what he calls his "elucidacion") and an account of her death.
Bale 9 Pogba 9 PASSING As the chief playmaker for club and country, Pogba has the edge here.
Every bale was picked up five times between the time it was created to the time it rested neatly in a stack.
Gareth Bale Transfer Update - The rift between Tottenham Hotspur and Gareth Bale are growing inch-by-inch as Real Madrid's pursuit of arguably the best footballer in the English Premier League becomes ugly.
The system, incorporated into the baler's roller chute, weighs each bale, feeding the data to the New Holland Info View[R] II or IntelliView[TM] III monitor, to show individual bale weight and total bale weight count for a job.