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a person whose head is bald

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Expectedly, Cay, Riv, Esie and Baldy filed a civil complaint against respondents for the Annulment of Sheriff's Sale and Other Documents with Preliminary Injunction and/or Temporary Restraining Order.
During his time in the Scottish prison system, Baldy has spent four years and eight months in segregation.
The Baldy Holly Band's third annual family variety show takes place in Newcastle this Sunday |
Doing an about-face at Spring Boulevard back up the north side of Mount Baldy, we beared right at the now familiar trail junction, this time on the west side, or upper trail, of the loop, where views to the east and south were nearly panoramic.
Baldy draws upon his own misconceptions of the term "support" when he was a beginning student.
They were told that behind his cheerful front as Baldy, Davies, 44, was being pressured by loan sharks and chose not to declare his extra earnings.
Baldy Bullet Company is only a click of the mouse or a phone call away.
engaged in heavy fighting on both Old Baldy and at Outpost Eerie on T-Bone Hill.
After one big night in one of the palaces, up comes baldy again.
The apprentice-ridden two-ear-old looked to have the five-furlong Bruce Edwards Baldy Dash Novice Auction Stakes in safekeeping 200 yards from home but he was collared in the final strides by Halland Park Girl and went under by a neck.
His fight with Baldy is "forced upon him" (72), and although part of him becomes a fierce beast which goes "wild" (79) during the fight, another part of him is repulsed by the scene.
Dollar Mountain is noted for its beginner runs, while Baldy is great for intermediate and advanced skiers.
ONE band hoping to prove that the rock 'n' roll scene is still as popular today is The Baldy Holly Band.