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a wide (ornamented) belt worn over the right shoulder to support a sword or bugle by the left hip


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The Creek and Seminole usually attached the baldric to the bag at the border of the sash to the border of the bag where the flap folded over the bag.
Camelot adopts Gawain's green baldric not as an empty fashion but for his sake--"for sake of [thorn]at segge"--as well as its own (2518).
Like Baldric, Robert was not a purveyor of original information, using the Gesta Francorum as his source.
14) While the baldric of Pallas is carved (caelauerat), the image on Hippomedon's shield is so lifelike that it is alive (nox uiuit).
In each of these cases, the kinaya is the corollary of the intended meaning in the real world: a tall man wears a long baldric for his sword, a very hospitable man welcoming many guests produces plenty of ashes cooking for them, and a woman leading a life of comfort and ease has servants attending to her needs and consequently can sleep until late morning.
He has paper like flowers with two cones on his neck and forehead and also a white folded flag like baldric on his chest.
Presenting the process by which the green girdle is transformed into the baldric worn by "vche burne of ke broker-hede" (each member of the court) (Tolkien, Gordon, & Davis 1967, 2516), the Gawain-poet's semiotic fable ironically recalls the opening series of Trojan foun-dations.
79) The insular tradition of calling upon these named angels can be traced back at least as far as the early ninth century to an inscription in the Book of Cerne (and also attributed to Bede), which reads, "Gabrihel esto mihi lurica, Michahel esto mihi baltheus, Raphahel esto mihi scutum, Urihel esto mihi protector, Rumihel esto mihi defensor, Phanuihel esto mihi sanitas" [Gabriel, be a breastplate for me; Michael, be a baldric for me; Raphael, be a shield for me; Uriel, be a protector for me; Rumiel, be a defender for me; Phanuiel, be health for me].
His anger in book ten after the death of his protege Pallas, most probably coupled with feelings of guilt towards the father Evander, prepares us for his reaction when he sees Turnus wearing the boy's baldric.
Remarkably, Shareta is the third of those Vermeille winners, after Shawanda and Sharaya, to descend from the Baldric mare Shanizadeh, herself a descendant of the Aga's hugely influential Eclair.
853)--an admonition Aeneas, although briefly hesitant (Turnus is subjected), in the end does not heed (the baldric as a sign of Turnus's haughtiness) (74)--is very crucial.
SGGK 2513-23) [The king and the court comfort the knight and laugh loudly at that; they graciously agree, those lords and ladies that belonged to the Table, that each knight of the brotherhood should have a baldric, a band of bright green slantwise across him, to be worn in the same way for the sake of that man.
First the King, then all the court, comforted the knight, And all the lords and ladies belonging to the Table Laughed at it loudly, and concluded amiably That each brave man of the brotherhood should bear a baldric A band, obliquely about him, of bright green, Of the same hue as Sir Gawain's and for his sake wear it.
The Alabama baldric beaded white over red trade cloth called me home.
According to Baldric, Robert's earliest biographer, by 1100 the group had grown to include "many men of every condition," as well as a large number of women "both poor and noble, widows and virgins, young and old, whores and those who spurn men" (Gold, Lady 95).