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Synonyms for baldpate

a person whose head is bald

a widgeon the male of which has a white crown

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Unlike the wigeon's breathy tones, the bull sprig's whistle is bell-like in its clarity, and does incorporate a rolling trill not heard in the baldpate.
I think that because of the spelling thing, and the fact the word wigeon makes the bird sound like a machine part, wigeon have been nicknamed "baldpate" for years and years because, even though it is now politically incorrect to make fun of those challenged by their follicles, there is only one way to spell baldpate.
Kerr-McGee also holds interests in the deepwater facilities at Baldpate and Conger, which have restarted production.
Overhead, the high-pitched whoosh of pinions cutting the Pacific air mixed with the breathy whistles and peeps of a dozen or more drake baldpate.
The field will be developed via a subsea tieback to Baldpate Field (Garden Banks Block 260).
Mallard hen voices mingled with the whistles of sprig and baldpate.
The Kung Pao and Fawkes prospects are potential satellite tiebacks to the Baldpate facility located on Garden Banks block 260.
My eyes locked on the drake as the baldpate pair vaulted.
Located south of the Baldpate and Conger developments, in an area where we currently hold 21 blocks, this discovery continues our long-term strategy of developing core areas in high-potential trends.
The Llano Field is located 20 miles southwest of the Amerada Hess operated Baldpate compliant tower production facility.
The company currently produces about 55,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day net from the Pompano, Baldpate, Penn State and Neptune fields in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, and expects first production at the Conger and Northwestern fields before year-end.
Kerr-McGee currently has three deepwater fields producing in the Gulf of Mexico, Neptune, Baldpate and Pompano; two fields under development in the gulf, Nansen and Boomvang; and is appraising its deepwater Gunnison discovery announced earlier this year.
Kerr-McGee has a proven track record in deepwater gulf discoveries and has experience with deepwater development and production as evidenced by its involvement in the Neptune spar and Baldpate articulated compliant tower," Corbett said.
The increase in oil production resulted primarily from the Baldpate field in the Gulf of Mexico and the Janice field in the U.
Oil production in the third quarter continued to be positively impacted by new production from the Janice and Ross fields in the North Sea, the Baldpate and Ewing Bank 910 fields in the Gulf of Mexico, and an increased interest in the North Sea Gryphon field.