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a person whose head is bald

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Sadly, no studio eye candy for the ladies as Jim Theakston appears to have celebrated his latest Pie-Eating title by crafting a shredded wheat comb-over atop his increasingly baldie head.
Then Ian Baldie intercepted Frost on the second play of the next drive, and the Monarchs got a 34-yard field goal by Ed Cicoria for a 10-0 lead with 10:21 to play in the first quarter.
Feeling quite jaunty after her baldie, I took her out for a walk when she managed to cut her foot.
For years, Foreign Secretary William Hague has been a proud baldie and nobody thinks the less of him for it.
Late-night customers scattered as shaven-headed Belafonte traded punches with another baldie and two pals in the bar of the 2,500-pound-a-night May Fair Hotel as staff desperately tried to pull them apart.
TUESDAY Heston's Chocolate Factory Feast (Channel 4, 9pm) YES, baldie Blumenthal is back to recreate some mythical food feasts, beginning with a meal inspired by Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, featuring lickable wallpaper and a chocolate waterfall with edible rocks andWonka bars.
Look at how much fun Julie Walters and the baldie bloke from Star Trek are having doing their times tables, the adverts say.
BBC Radio baldie Fred MacAulay takes time out from cluttering up Alison Craig's column to host this comedy night.
The average baldie will have to undergo 1,000 injections.
Step forward Dewi Pws Morris, actor, comedian, baldie and wannabee hairdresser as he grapples with small talk and shampoos in a new series of Y Briodas Fawr (The Big Wedding).
BOBBY MIHAILOV: Another Bulgarian baldie and part of the acclaimed 1994 World Cup semi-final side, Mihailov - who would later join Reading - revealed that he covered his bald spot with a well-fitting toupee during his periods in the public glare.
Or there's the Riff Raff look of coat-tail jacket and baldie wig.
AINSLEY HARRIOTT look-a-like Dion Dublin had the wife enthusing at the possibility of seeing the great man conjure up a sausage casserole only to be told said baldie plays up front for Aston Villa, writes Steve Davies.
But far-from-satisfied customer Barry had decided to come out as a baldie after his hairpiece fell apart.
From a little known IT entity two years ago, Origin now employs 170 staff in offices in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney," says Brian Baldie, Origin Australia's CEO.